In a time where the environment is in danger and many species of animals face extinction, awareness about our earth’s wildlife is more crucial than ever. Through magazine articles, news stories, public movements and word of mouth, the love and concern for our fragile wildlife is spreading increasingly. One of the best ways to encourage this passion since we can’t all go see the sights for ourselves, is through the endlessly enthralling wildlife documentaries.

Home of Environmental Awareness

Since 2009, BBC Earth has been bringing documentaries like “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet” to the homes of millions of families. It has created and continues to create environmental awareness on pressing topics such as the penguins who are in danger of too high temperatures and the ocean polluted with plastic and killing our sea life.

Award-Winning Content

The tragedies in nature are but one aspect of what BBC Earth has to offer. Nominated for three Webby Awards for 2018, this groundbreaking wildlife and nature channel produces footage of animals from across the globe. These documentaries are filled with many awe-inspiring images and recordings, from sloths swimming in a lake to red crabs marching across the sand.

Twenty-four Hours of Earth

“Earth: One Amazing Day” is the latest documentary presented by BBC Earth. Released in some countries in 2017, and coming soon to other countries, this documentary video depicts animals and nature across the globe during one twenty-four hour day cycle. It reveals the splendour of our earth and renews faith in its future.

The work done by the excellent BBC Earth shows to the world the wonder of what we do not get to see in nature. It also reminds us to care for this nature and all of its wildlife. The professional production and rich content are brilliant enough to make any person fall in love with our earth again during each episode of every show.