The marvel of nature is something we all admire for its beauty. There’s nothing more majestic than a lion roaring in the Sahara desert or an elephant bathing on an African landscape. Unfortunately for the majority, this wildlife is something that has to be appreciated from afar. That is why television is the next best thing to a safari in the wild.

Too Close To Home

Spending an afternoon watching UKTV’s Eden Channel is like submerging yourself directly into nature. A variety of shows broadcast documented travels into every location you can think of. “Predators In Your Backyard” uncovers the methodology behind scientists’ experiment of releasing predators near urban areas. Viewers are shown the nature of these animals and how they react living so near to a civilised setting which would have once been their home.

Amphibians with Attenborough

“Life In Cold Blood” is an enthralling documentary show by renowned naturalist David Attenborough. This continuation of his “Life” series explores the fascinating lives of cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians. His other documentaries are also available on Eden Channel, as any wildlife channel would surely be incomplete without him.

The Story of Africa’s Animals

Covering wildlife from Canada to Australia, no channel can leave out the queen of wildlife – Africa. Eden Channel features a number of shows set in Africa, such as “Elephants of Samburu” which follows the elephants in the Samburu reserve in Kenya. “Flight of the Rhino”, filmed in South Africa, documents the story of the white rhinos and the imminent threat of poachers that may cause them to become extinct.

The beauty of wildlife is not only in the picture it presents, but also the rich history behind it. As Eden Channel shows us, there is much to learn from the wild animals of our world. Their closely studied instincts, quirks and background offer an abundant education brought right to your living room.