One thing people across the globe have in common is the adoration of nature and animals. There is something so comforting about seeing sincere videos of wildlife. And with technology as advanced as it is, and professionals as skilled as they are, it’s no surprise to see that filming wildlife can have a comical aspect to it. Amusing videos of animals in the wild make up a large part of the best wildlife videos online, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Monkey in The Mirror

One of BBC Earth’s most recently uploaded videos is one that fits perfectly into this category. “Baboons Reacting to Their Own Reflection” shows wildlife videographers place their camera on the ground among a troop of baboons. The baboons first inspect this strange device and then notice their own reflections in the camera lens. Their shocked little expressions at this discovery are priceless.

Nurture over Nature

From the Smithsonian Channel’s “Surviving the Serengeti” is a clip titled “Baby Wildebeest Treats Lioness Like Mom”. A newborn wildebeest is captured by a lioness, but rather than harm it, she allows the calf to warm up to her, and eventually lets it go. With over five million views, this video speaks for itself as one of the most heartwarming wildlife videos.

Dangerous Games

“Young Hippo Tries to Play with Crocodile” sounds like it might end badly. But this light-hearted video published by National Geographic reveals a young hippopotamus attempting to play with a crocodile in a watering hole in Zimbabwe. The best part is that the crocodile does not react violently, but more annoyed than anything else.

Heartfelt comedy is a surprise that comes from our world’s wildlife. The nature of animals and all their sweet (and often scary) quirks provide us with hours of feel-good entertainment. Nothing picks up a mood quite the way a goofy animal does.