The beauty of wild animals in nature is something very few people get to experience in real life. Unless you have the opportunity to travel abroad on a safari or special tour, the closest you will get to viewing a lion is on recorded footage. Luckily for us, professionals have documented hours of the best wildlife scenes on camera for our viewing pleasure, and they’re all available online.

Through The Viewfinder

National Geographic is renowned for their outstanding wildlife photography and videos. “Lions 360°” is a VR video by Martin Edström that documents a lion cub and his mother in conflict with their pride’s alpha male. What makes this video especially fascinating is not only the quality of the footage but also the 360-degree perspective that makes this series of videos so unique.

White Wonders Of Timbavati

Although longer in length, the documentary “The Rare and Exotic Animals”, also presented by National Geographic, starts with two lionesses and their cubs after the alpha male of the pride disappears. Set in South Africa, this video closely documents the lives of these rare white lions of the Timbavati area. It is impossible not to be filled with amazement when observing this surreal footage.

Hunting Across A Frozen Planet

Animals hunting may be a devastating sight to see, but this video is sure to enthral. BBC Earth’s “Pack Of Wolves Hunt A Bison” video captures this entirely. As part of BBC Earth’s “Frozen Planet” series, this video was shot in northern Canada and follows a pack of wolves as they run through the snow, preying on a bison.

These masterpieces are a few of the best wildlife videos available online. There is a massive variety out there, from the smallest animals to the largest, on land and underwater. The wildlife of the world is out there, just waiting to be admired.