Online slot machines have provided a platform of thrill and precariousness for decades. The best online casino slots guide offers information on an abundant variety of themes and visuals create an entirely new world that would otherwise be unobtainable. Fantasy themes, underwater adventures and Egyptian pyramids are but a few of the options for online slots. Keeping to this trend of danger, nature and creativity, we are presented with the theme of wild animals in the zoo.

Safari with Spigo

In the adorably animated slot “Zoo” by Spigo, animals from across the world feature to make your gaming experience as good as an outing to the zoo itself. The slots are decorated with beautiful landscapes and sweet animals passing by to set the mood while you play your spins.

A Day at the “Fun Zoo”

Relive those leisurely family excursions to the zoo, is something no one can let slip. Being near the majestic animals creates a wonderful mixture of risk and excitement. SGS Universal emulates this feeling perfectly with their online slot “Fun Zoo”. Endearing animals dance across the screen while you wait eagerly for them to align and bring you the news of a jackpot.

Betting on A Boxing Kangaroo

To add some action to the already bustling topic of the zoo, Boss Media’s “Kangaroo Zoo” is a slot set in a zoo with the main character being a boxing kangaroo. The slot also features a koala, penguin, crocodile, jumping kangaroo, dolphin, rhino and zoo tickets, a bag of peanuts and a camera. The design is reminiscent of the joy of a real trip to the zoo, with the bonus of free spins and cash prizes.

By stepping into any number of online casinos, your day trip dreams can be brought to life. The nostalgic theme of the zoo is appealing to all and brings the necessary thrill to get you in the right mood for winning big among the wild.