The world is full of dangerous destinations and wild animals. From oceans to deserts, the number of threatening species of wildlife is unlimited. Although many countries and continents are home to these animals, the likely danger does not take away from the wonder of these places, but rather adds to it. One of the places in the world most known world for its danger appeal is magnificent Australia.

Crocodile Central

Australia’s tropical north region is full of freshwater and saltwater rivers. These rivers contain the region’s most popular animal, the crocodile. Brought to TV screens by Australia’s very own “Crocodile Hunter”, the late Steve Irwin, Australia is known for its vast crocodile population. The saltwater crocodiles are much more vicious and attack more humans, while the freshwater crocodiles only attack when threatened or cornered.

Deadly Waters

Also, home to Australia’s tropical waters is the Box jellyfish, commonly known as the sea wasp. These creatures are extremely venomous and are especially hard to spot in the water during the summer. Although less likely to come across (if you stay out of the water), these are arguably the most dangerous creatures in Australia.

Coastal Critters

If one fatally venomous animal wasn’t enough, Australia is home to another: The Coastal Taipan. The Coastal Taipan is the third most venomous snake, alongside the Black Mamba in Africa, and lives in Australia’s northern regions. This ruthless creature is known to strike repeatedly when threatened and is also the longest snake in Australia.

With so much to be afraid of, it’s a relief that the wildlife and scenery are too incredible to deny. Its list of dangerous animals makes for a frightening adventure, and its sights bring the balance with their beauty. It’s no wonder that one of the world’s most dangerous wildlife destinations is also one of the most loved.